I’m a great fan of Paper Pumpkin!!

It is Stampin’ Up!’s subscription kits that are different each and every month throughout the year and years to come.

They give you just about everything you need in each kit except for adhesive and scissors … but they have special stamps that are exclusive to the kit and different colors of ink spots you can use for the kit project as well as other projects you want to make for family and friends.

If you’re new to crafting and not too sure if you want to go head over heels into papercrafting, then I suggest a subscription to Paper Pumpkin is an excellent place to begin.

You can also buy other Stampin’ Up! merchandise — a Stamparatus would be helpful.

As well as a Take Your Pick for picking up small items and placing them on your project.

You may find other items of interest as well … other stamp sets and maybe do your own die cutting with die sets and a Big Shot. I know I use mine quite a lot along with the Stampin’ Trimmer.

You don’t need to buy anything special with the kits, but you can always buy some tools to make your crafting time for enjoyable and efficient.


I would love for you to subscribe to Paper Pumpkin … but sometimes you may want to purchase items of your choice and decide for yourself what you want to make.

It’s all good.

I have customers who have subscribed to Paper Pumpkin and absolutely love it. It is their way of getting some crafting completed without a lot of fuss.

And, I have customers who like to buy stamp sets, die sets, punches, bundles, designer series paper, cardstock, etc. to create their own personal designs for cards and other projects.

Of course, there are those customers who do both — Subscribe to Paper Pumpkin and buy products they enjoy.

It is a definite win-win situation for them.

They get some new ideas from the Paper Pumpkin Kits and create their own cards and projects using Stampin’ Up! merchandise they purchased and also using some items from the kits to create something different and extra-ordinary.

It is all about having fun and being creative!

As well as having the correct tools in order to make your crafting time efficient.

I do love the tools shown to the right.

I love my Big Shot embossing and die cutting machine. I do love how easy it is to use and how it adds texture and dimension to my creative projects.

I bought my Stampin’ Trimmer when I joined Stampin’ Up! I purchased other trimmers in the past that worked, but they didn’t accommodate the 12″ x 12″ designer series paper and cardstock I purchased. This Stampin’ Trimmer is small and yet allows me to cut larger size paper and cardstock easily.

I also use my Stampin’ Trimmer for scoring lines when I’m making boxes and gift tags. This is a tool that you “must have” in your craft room along with the Big Shot!

I love my Stamparatus, too. It allows me to make multiples of cards and it also allows me the confidence to stamp without worrying about rocking my stamp or not inking it appropriately. The Stamparatus has been so helpful … and with the accessories of having more plates and graph paper … I’m totally loving my craft time.

There’s also the Take Your Pick for picking up small items and placing them on your project without fumbling around.

All of these tools are essential for your craft room. 

I do love the Stamparatus Carrying Case for keeping your Stamparatus dust free and keeping all the pieces in place.

Many find it helpful when traveling. They love to do their paper crafting wherever they go and have everything safe and secure.

I bought two of these. One for my Stamparatus and another for the accessories. I wanted to make sure my extra plates other accessories would be secure.

It is truly important to take care of your tools so they will last for a very long time.

Here’s a helpful shopping list:


This is an excellent list of items you’ll find helpful when sharing papercrafting with your family and friends.

I do hope you’ll subscribe to Paper Pumpkin and encourage your crafting friends to do so as well.

It’s always fun to craft with friends and family.

Or … it may be a relaxing time for you and you prefer to craft along … It is all good!

I do appreciate that you stopped by to see what I’ve been up to and start planning for the future. That’s what I love about Paper Pumpkin kits, they remind me of upcoming events — Valentine’s Day!! I’m sure your kids will be wanting to make some cards for their friends or will want you to make some gift bags for them to hand out to their friends.

If you thought you were busy with Christmas … there are lots of special events coming in the new year. A Paper Pumpkin Subscription may be a great way to be on top of these upcoming events.

Thanks for stopping by and shopping with me!