I love putting some fun “characters” in my cards.

Sometimes flowers, designer series paper and a heartfelt sentiment are enough to build a beautiful card to send to family, friends, neighbors, etc.

And sometimes I like to add a bit of “fun” into my cards to give them some “character” . . . These would include:


I did get a bit carried away. I was originally thinking about the pigs, puppy and kitten. Then I thought of the “You’ve Got Style” lady and “Beautiful You” .

I think it is fun to have some “action” in a card — perhaps this is the “focal point” . . . but as I’ve said before and will say again . . . It all helps with the story you have to tell . . . or you may want to create an entirely different story . . .

There are some I forgot to list . . . some may be retiring, so don’t delay in getting those while supplies last. 

I do enjoy the punches — you can build many Foxy Friends with this stamp set . . . and with some imagination, you can create others — real or imagined. 

Putting “critters” in your cards adds some fun . . . I know when I drive around town, looking for pictures to take, I like it when there is someone getting out of an old truck or riding a tractor . . . maybe carrying something unusual . . . These are the pictures I like to take . . . and think they would make lovely cards.

Many times a tranquil scene comes to life with a flock of birds flying overhead or puppies playing . . . I find it entertaining . . . And, I think by putting some “character” into your cards would be fun and entertaining, too.

Stampin’ Up!® does a wonderful job with their stamp sets and sentiments that you usually don’t need to add other elements . . . but you can, if it fits the occasion.

I do love the dies . . . and I also like the punches . . . 

When it comes to the stamp sets, I do like the background stamps and the embossing folders . . . and I do like the vintage and the “grunge” look . . . I never liked a coffee ring stain on a term paper I had to turn in  . . . And, I may not enjoy it on a card I spent considerable time designing and making . . . but when you do it on purpose to make some sort of a statement or message, it can be priceless.

You can do with in all kinds of ways . . . use an ink dropper . . . use the watercolor spritz method . . . do a watercolor wash . . .  and use some stamp sets that have an interesting “grunge” background.

You can add considerable interest to a card using one of the approaches mentioned above . . . or create something of your own . . .

This is a delightful way of adding color to a card quickly and easily.

An interesting “splash” of color does grab one’s attention!!

Have fun with your stamping projects!

Thanks for stopping by and shopping with me!