Wonderful new products coming in June, 2018!!

I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag just yet . . . Demonstrators were able to pre-order selected merchandise from the new catalog starting today. All I can say is I spent more than I planned!!

I suppose that is always the case . . . spending more than initially planned. I’m not complaining. I’m looking forward to receiving my order and playing with the new products. Combining some of the new products with the older ones will be great fun! This will give some older, but current stamp sets a new life!!

I’m extremely pleased by the variety . . . some are not my “style”, but after I see what others do with them, I may be changing my mind.

During the relatively short time I’ve been with Stampin’ Up!® as an Independent Demonstrator, I’ve learned a lot about stamping and making cards.

I also learned a lot about myself. My preferences and priorities.

I may not be making video tutorials, but I do plan to share more of my cards and projects with pictures and instructions. I see so very many involved in “swaps” and “challenges” and “hops” that really push the bounds of creativity to a new level. This may be a new direction for me. One I believe will increase my confidence and productivity in the future.

I was watching a movie the other day — I saw it before, but every time a movie is re-watched, we get something new out of it. Perhaps this shows our personal growth . . . 

The movie was about a woman who worked for a fashion magazine.

I won’t get into the gritty details. She found it necessary to return home and get her priorities straight. She did reconnect with her “passion” . . . and created a new direction for herself.

I think this applies to blogging, collecting, crafting . . . probably just about everything. We’re moving in one direction . . . maybe making choices or taking advantage of the opportunities that come along . . . and may find we’ve move in the wrong direction and need to re-group and sit back and analyze our priorities.

For the past few weeks with Sale-A-Bration ending and the announcement of the retired list . . . and the carryover lists . . . I’ve been sitting back and taking a long strong look at my priorities and preferences.

I do love Stampin’ Up!® and the discounts I receive as an Independent Demonstrator . . . And, as I mentioned how I spent more than planned — yet I received quite a few “free” items and one at 50% off!!

So I’m not complaining!! I’m just saying I spent more than initially planned!!

I’m needing to be better organized with all the retired merchandise and the revamping of the color palette. I need to take a personal inventory of what I have, what I can use that is current and where I plan to go with my craft business. (I hope I’m tying in the movie with this.)

It is all an “investment” . . . in my business and in myself as a crafter to learn more techniques and to practice what I learn.

I believe there is new exciting merchandise coming our way in June, 2018, that will enhance our skills and creativity taking it to a whole new level. I do have hope!!

Thank you for stopping by!